New things

The start of fall always brings me a spirit of new beginnings, along with a strong urge to stay inside and eat butter by the stick. I have been discovering a few new things too in the past few months. They are not big, life-changing shifts (not in the right place to leave the 9-to-5 grind and move to an organic farm just yet) but they have brought enough change to my routine to put a spring in my step.

Gave up coffee

This was the hardest! It was motivated by some stomach problems, so not really an independent choice. God I love coffee. And I still miss it, especially when I sip a glass of warm soymilk with my croissant in a coffee shop, which just does not have that bohemian vibe to it!  I am definitely also less jittery though, and the change had surprisingly little effect on my overall alertness levels.

Yes, that’s orzo in there. Also, I have never been to Buenos Aires.

Learning calligraphy

I have always been fascinated by calligraphy, but never quite realised it was a craft that you could learn. Turns out, it is not just that some people have superswirly elegant handwriting, but there are online tutorials for it! Doing calligraphy also feels like a pure luxury. It is not a useful craft (in the way that knitting gives you nice woolly sweaters), does not improve my health and it is not really creative. But it is fun, in an adult-coloring-book way.

Just what I practice while Netflixing

Biking to work

J got me a bike for my birthday and I love it! *rings bell*

Trying new workouts

Since watching Billy Elliot twice in a row, I have been slightly obsessed with dancing workouts! Also I have started on the long and arduous road towards my first pull-up. For now that means a lot of assisted pull-ups (we have installed a pull-up bar in our kitchen door, deposits be damned) and modified push-ups. I am weak! Finally, I have been trying out speed workouts – well, maybe I should say “speed” workouts given my pace – in my morning runs. I still love my yoga, and having all these different options makes it super easy to do something fun every day.

Working 4-day weeks

I am experimenting with working a 4-day full-time job (slightly longer days, an extra day off). This has a slew of benefits, and if everyone did it, it would be a much happier world! I love my job even more for this possibility! We came up with this schedule to help me with mental balance and resilience, and so far I have managed to get on top of all my tasks in the 4 workdays. I also really treasure the extra day, and try not to spend it running errands, but taking a real day off. Of course, #startuplife will always mean an occasional weekend worksession, but overall I am very excited about this change.

Have you been making any changes with the change of leaves?




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