First day of spring and Project 333

I have been lagging behind on my challenge calendar, and thought why wait until the first of April to start something new?

As part of the shopping diet, I had been flirting with the idea of a minimalistic capsule wardrobe for a while. I hope that it will help me understand more about minimalist and simple living, and maybe shave a few minutes off my generously timed morning routine. I may also harbour secret dreams of looking marvellously, effortlessly put together forever, but not sure how chucking my rompers in a big plastic box is going to achieve that in such a short timeframe.

I follow Project 333, so thought to give their system a try. Here is how it works:

33 items of clothing

You are supposed to choose 33 items of clothing including coats, accessories and shoes, for your wardrobe. The number does not include sports clothes and underwear. You are supposed to pack everything else away out of sight.

I had quite a hard time choosing my 33 items! I would like to blame it on the fact that spring hasn’t really arrived in Belgium yet, and March-May is a difficult time of the year to plan for, and that I have a few weddings coming up, and …you get the idea. But finally I got my shiz together and took the plunge. It is a bit embarrassing that I had to reassure myself multiple times that I can swap things out after the 3 months, or that really if it is an emergency, I am not going to be too tough on myself and deny the possibility of getting a cocktail dress out. Considering that I have not worn a cocktail dress or drank a cocktail in 6+ months, I should just chill out, really.

Anyway, here is what my closet looks like:


I still allowed myself 2 freebies because of aforementioned weddings, and do not include accessories beyond bags. Excited to see how it will turn out!

Until May, beloved rompers! xoxo


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